Select the Better Bathroom

Bathroom is a core part of a house. Every morning activities start from this place. In order to appear more attractive, a bathroom should be place with a variety of equipment that has been designed to meet the needs and tastes. Some of them are bathroom attractive with colors decorative element, as well as functional such as bathtub, toilets, shower and supporting like a mirror, towels, personal care such us soap, toothbrush, shampoo, and others.

Build a bathroom like building a house. Many things that need to prepare in order to create a bathroom fit with your needs. If you need to decorate your bathroom, you should consider If you need to buy bathroom suite or tiles, you should make your bathroom perfect by selective and choose the right place to buy it.

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Candy Buy Buck


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Organized Versus Messy Desk,Show your personality

If you want to learn more about the original personality of your coworkers, do not bother to interview, told him to fill out a quiz, and even do a psychological test. Simply look at their desk, there is the picture of the person personality. Your desk can reveal the original character, habits, and ambitions, the owner.

Nobody want a messy desk, so make it organized. Check you cable computer connection on your desk Usually people like to ignore the position of the cables that connect to a computer, such as power cables, printer cables, sound cables, etc. Continue reading

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Choose the Right VPS Hosting

The most advanced technology in web hosting? has born,? it is VPS or Virtual Private Server Technology. Virtual Private Server or VPS is a method to partition or divide recycle resources / resources of a server into several virtual servers. Virtual server has the ability to run their own operating system like a server. You can even reboot a virtual server separately (no need to reboot the main server). Continue reading

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Tips on choosing the best web hosting

web-hostingWidespread use of the Internet indirectly also expand employment opportunities, especially for those who connect with the world of internet business. Have a website is a critical need to expand the business marketing. Continue reading

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Biggest iPhone Apps Market

appstoreApple-made smart phone, iPhone is designed to provide entertainment for their owners, so no wonder if the games is still a choice application iPhone owners. Games is more choice applications than others such as entertainment, music, or? functional applications for the weather service estimates. Continue reading

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Web Hosting Backup Importance

Using WordPress for blogging it’s really cool. Especially using >web hosting. Pay it more, you got add free. Of course, because backups is important, that why WordPress should have to be the backup. Confuse how to backup ? Or you never done this before ?.

Backup job is boring things. Especially backup a website. It’s boring things everyday to backup your site or blogs, boring but very important task. Somehow you forget to backups, you’ll got the risk. Bad things is loose your important data. Therefore it is very advisable to backup data regularly. Daily, weekly, monthly, depends on your needs. Backup data? is a process of copying data and save them in other media that is separate from the original media. Well,? there are several ways to backup.

1. manually, all the backups. Both file and database. Backup files via ftp & phpmyadmin.

2. semi-manual way. + Backup database files in the folder / wp-contents /? themes, plugins, and uploads.

3. Automatic way, the backup from within WP it self. There are plugins for this job (which is WP-database backup folder and wp-contents /

4.Import wp-post to xml

5.The most lazy way, subscribe wp-blog feeds on google reader, so when it crash, can still be copy paste from? RSS-feed.

6.Backup Comment to

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Woman Dress Code for Office

Right now, as a working woman? you need to be more look confidence. Make up your look, especially for clothing needs to get working at office. Although in general many workplaces are flexible enough to dress rules for workers, but do not forget to consider some tips below.

If the workplace requires that you also look very formal, you must follow them. However, when traveling to the office, lunch outside, or home office, you can curl up? your sleeve, or also to remove the jacket or Coach trench that you wear.

The Look. Wearing women’s cloths, wearing dress or gown is not good idea for working. Instead, consider the likely long-sleeve clothing, no frills, solid white blouse,? combined with conservative slacks / skirt length. Add a blazer with the use of the appropriate color is optional, but will make you appear more professional. In cold weather, such as during the rainy season, combine the sweeter or trench coat also is suitable to wear, either with or without a blazer on the outside. In addition to appearing professional, you can display the effect of blend in with the stylist.

Tip of the clothes on you can apply daily, although you still must also be beautiful with the fashion trends that change every year. Do not follow the trend of easy change, because it could be less fit for your appearance. For example, the season when the fashion trend with the polka dot patterns was handed, evidently also not all people deserve using it.

Similarly with the forms of mini-skirt and the skirt that does not fit all people for use. A neutral color and other motive options is the right choice in the presence of any trend.

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