Web Hosting Backup Importance

Using WordPress for blogging it’s really cool. Especially using >web hosting. Pay it more, you got add free. Of course, because backups is important, that why WordPress should have to be the backup. Confuse how to backup ? Or you never done this before ?.

Backup job is boring things. Especially backup a website. It’s boring things everyday to backup your site or blogs, boring but very important task. Somehow you forget to backups, you’ll got the risk. Bad things is loose your important data. Therefore it is very advisable to backup data regularly. Daily, weekly, monthly, depends on your needs. Backup data? is a process of copying data and save them in other media that is separate from the original media. Well,? there are several ways to backup.

1. manually, all the backups. Both file and database. Backup files via ftp & phpmyadmin.

2. semi-manual way. + Backup database files in the folder / wp-contents /? themes, plugins, and uploads.

3. Automatic way, the backup from within WP it self. There are plugins for this job (which is WP-database backup folder and wp-contents /

4.Import wp-post to xml

5.The most lazy way, subscribe wp-blog feeds on google reader, so when it crash, can still be copy paste from? RSS-feed.

6.Backup Comment to intensedebate.com

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