Organized Versus Messy Desk,Show your personality

If you want to learn more about the original personality of your coworkers, do not bother to interview, told him to fill out a quiz, and even do a psychological test. Simply look at their desk, there is the picture of the person personality. Your desk can reveal the original character, habits, and ambitions, the owner.

Nobody want a messy desk, so make it organized. Check you cable computer connection on your desk Usually people like to ignore the position of the cables that connect to a computer, such as power cables, printer cables, sound cables, etc.

Put together neatly so as not to be bound or messy all around. Messy cables or twisted is not bound to each other can cause the copper connection dropped out or drop in, but from the outside seems fine. Power cable that supplies power to the computer could be disrupted the flow and may interfere with the computer.

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